Art Belt, Featuring Tyson and Holyfield, Tours the U.S.

© SARTONK. Collaborative Art Belt belt by SARTONK and Dubelyoo. Photo credit: Lourenso Ramautar.

SARTONK, the premier designer of boxing belts, collaborated with Atlanta-based artist, Dubelyoo, to create a special boxing piece for Art, Beats + Lyrics, a traveling multimedia art and music exhibition. The first show, on 3 October 2014, brought together over 5,000 members of the Atlanta Community.

SARTONK and Dubelyoo created a belt that honors former champions of the International Boxing Federation (IBF). The classic elements of the IBF belt are embellished by a visually striking strap and painted portraits of former IBF Champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. The piece is part of Dubelyoo’s boxing-themed installation, which includes a virtual boxing gym and the artist’s paintings and drawings.


© SARTONK. Collaborative Art Belt belt by SARTONK and Dubelyoo. Photo credit: Lourenso Ramautar

As a Co-Producer of the show, Dubelyoo has been a driving force in bringing art to communities for nearly a decade. During the development stage of his installation, he contacted SARTONK with the idea of a collaboration. “Considering SARTONK’s portfolio and unprecedented quality of belts, they were the natural fit for this project,” commented Dubelyoo.

© SARTONK. Collaborative Art Belt belt by SARTONK and Dubelyoo. Photo credit: Lourenso Ramautar

“Any opportunity to collaborate with someone as dedicated to community and craft as Dubelyoo is a blessing. We’re thankful to the IBF for approving of this project and its aim,” expressed Edward S. Majian, President of SARTONK. A boxing belt that honors specific champions fell right in line with the launch of SARTONK’s “Honor Your Champion” campaign and apparel line. The apparel, which is meant to uplift and recognize the champions around us -- either boxers or those in our personal lives -- is scheduled to launch online this week at

Art enthusiasts and community members posed with the belt in front of Dubelyoo’s installation. “Of all my pieces, the ‘Honor Your Champion’ IBF custom belt clearly stole the show,” intimated the exuberant Dubelyoo.

Fans admiring the collaborative art belt belt by SARTONK and Dubelyoo.

The Art Belt will continue on tour with Art, Beats + Lyrics in Birmingham on Nov. 14 and in St Louis on Dec. 5. 

For photos of the collaborative IBF Art Belt and the Arts, Beats + Lyrics show in Atlanta, click here.

With a legacy of nearly four decades, SARTONK is the premier designer and fabricator of championship boxing belts in the industry. It recently launched the “Honor Your Champion” campaign and apparel line. For more, visit

Dubelyoo is a renowned painter and designer known for his depictions of urban life and hip-hop culture. For more, visit

Arts, Beats + Lyrics is comprised of installations, wall murals, paintings and photography by some of the hottest talent in the urban art scene intertwined with captivating DJs, bands and intriguing headliners. For more, visit