ESPN The Magazine Features SARTONK: "Constructing for Champions"

Mike Tyson on the cover of the ESPN The Magazine issue that features SARTONK, with an exclusive gallery of photos

The next issue of ESPN The Magazine, which hits stands this Friday, includes a photo spread on SARTONK, and spotlights the history of modern boxing belts. In conjunction, ESPN Photo has published an exclusive web gallery.

“This is the first time in recent history that championship boxing belts are highlighted on their own cultural merit, by a mainstream sports publication. This is big, and it’s great for boxing,” comments Edward S. Majian, President of SARTONK.

Over three decades ago, Majian’s grandfather, Ardash Sahaghian, designed nearly all the iconic boxing belts used today. Since the founding of SARTONK, Majian’s vision and perfectionism have impacted every aspect of the company’s belt designs and fabricaton. “In the interest of preserving my grandfather’s legacy, SARTONK’s standard, from day one, has been to craft these belts with unprecedented quality--a quality worthy of the champions who rise to win them,” Majian reflects.

The last several years have brought upon a shift in the way belts are percieved. “Our deliberate commitment to integrity and quality has earned the respect of sanctioning bodies, boxing writers, and the champions themselves,” says Hasmig Tatiossian, SARTONK’s Executive Manager. ESPN’s coverage attests to this. She adds: “People now know where these belts come from and the heart that goes into crafting them.”

Update: To view ESPN Photo’s exclusive web gallery, click here.