SARTONK Launches “Honor Your Champion” at Box Fan Expo

©SARTONK. Honor Your Champion's Launch at Box Fan Expo. Photo credit: Terje Riisnaes

“Honor Your Champion,” SARTONK’s lifestyle apparel line was launched Saturday, September 13, at the inaugural Boxing Fan Expo in Las Vegas. The Expo was geared toward giving boxing fans direct access to stars and industry leaders.

SARTONK was founded by Edward S. Majian, to preserve the legacy of his grandfather, Ardash Sahaghian. From the late 1970s to the 1990s, Sahaghian designed most of today’s iconic championship belts.

“Starting SARTONK was about honoring my grandfather, a champion of hard work and humility. And our craftsmanship serves to honor the sacrifice, determination and discipline of World Champions,” expressed Majian. “These championship qualities have been the inspiration behind SARTONK’s elevation of boxing belts and their symbolism. To honor champions, then, is at the core of our vision.”

©SARTONK. World Champion Anna Julaton at SARTONK's launch of Honor Your Champion at Box Fan Expo. Photo Credit: Terje Riisnaes

“Honor Your Champion” is designed to share the spirit of SARTONK with fans. A champion, according to SARTONK, is someone who either chooses to fight, becoming an example to others, or one who stands in another’s corner, and inspires them to fight for what they believe in. “Whether it's a superstar athlete or personal hero, we all have champions. Our journeys are our own, but this is about recognizing and celebrating those who shine light on our paths,” said Majian.

©SARTONK. UFC CEO, Dana White at SARTONK's launch of Honor Your Champion at Box Fan Expo. Photo credit: Terje Riinaes

Earlier this year, SARTONK placed in the top 10, out of 5,000 US companies, to win in the national FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. “The grant from FedEx helped bring this line to fruition,” commented Hasmig Tatiossian, SARTONK’s Executive Manager.

 “We are proud to have played a role in the launch of SARTONK’s new ‘Honor Your Champion’ lifestyle apparel through our FedEx Small Business Grant Award Contest,” said Jeffrey Maddock, Marketing Director, FedEx. “We congratulate them on the launch of their new lifestyle line and look forward to providing the reliable shipping services that support their continued success.”

 “The FedEx victory can be attributed, in large part, to the tremendous support from our fans worldwide,” noted Tatiossian. “We’re glad that we launched this line and the ‘Honor Your Champion’ campaign at the Box Fan Expo, because it was ultimately boxing fans who embraced SARTONK’s vision through social media, and positioned us to win. We were happy to meet many of them there,” she added.

©SARTONK. World Boxing Council President, Jose Sulaiman, 5 time World Champion Vinny Paz with SARTONK President Ed Majian at launch of Honor Your Champion. Photo credit: Terje Riisnaes

SARTONK’s booth at the Expo enjoyed a steady stream of fans, as they came up for photos and a personal glimpse at boxing craftsmanship. World Champions and industry insiders -- ranging from Jessie Vargas, Ana Julaton, Ava Knight, and Tony Lopez to Vinny Paz and Dana White -- visited the booth and interacted with fans. The universality of the message resonated with fans and celebrities alike, as they proudly wore the T-shirts and expressed support.

©SARTONK. World Champion Jesse Vargas at Honor Your Champion's launch. Photo credit: Terje Riisnaes

An online launch of the apparel is scheduled for mid-October on, and will be announced on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SARTONK. 
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