Honor Your Champion

"A champion is someone who gets up when they can't." -Jack Dempsey

In 2009, SARTONK was founded to honor the legacy of the master craftsman who created boxing’s iconic belts. Since then, SARTONK's unparalleled craftsmanship has continued that legacy by honoring the sacrifice, determination and discipline of World Champions. Honoring champions, then -- both personal and professional -- is at the core of our philosophy.

The Honor Your Champion™ lifestyle line was created to magnify this positive message. A champion, according to SARTONK, is someone who either chooses to fight, becoming an example to others, or one who stands in our corner and inspires us to fight for what we believe in. 

We all have champions: those who’ve been in our corner, ENCOURAGED and BELIEVED in us when others have put us down, those who live by EXAMPLE, those who fight against IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, those who SHINE LIGHT on others, those who continue to DO GOOD despite not receiving the recognition they deserve, those who contribute to COMMUNITY, those who have passed on, and those who continue to BRIGHTEN our lives. Honor Your Champion is about recognizing and CELEBRATING them.

WHO'S YOUR CHAMPION? Join us by wearing the gear and capturing photos of yourself with your champions. Hit us @SARTONK, use #HonorYourChampion and we'll share the love.